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Flexible Financial Assistance

Flexible financial assistance refers to unrestricted funds used to support survivors to become stably housed.

Some examples of flexible financial assistance include:

  • Transportation: driving lessons, fuel, car repair, new tires
  • Child care: co-pays, child care bills
  • Employment: work permits, transportation, education, training programs
  • Housing: rental applications, rental assistance, deposits, utilities

For more information, read our Flexible Financial Assistance Frequently Asked Questions and watch our training on Flexible Financial Assistance.



When unrestricted funds can be given directly to survivors, they gain options for finding safety and stability as they rebuild their life after abuse. We’ve seen first hand the meaningful impact flexible financial assistance has on survivors. For example, Coldwell Banker Bain’s Bring Hope Home program enabled four agencies in western Washington to provide flexible financial assistance and mobile advocacy to survivors in their community. The work of two of these agencies is reflected in this summary of funding and impact.

Also, in August of 2020 Ballmer Group made an investment into COVID-19 support which made flexible financial assistance available to four of our eastern Washington member programs providing DVHF services. See the impact of these funds here.

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