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Registration now open for the 2023 Refuse To Abuse® 5K at T-Mobile Park!

Join us to celebrate the resilience of survivors and the power of community on Sunday, June 4, 2023!

Photo of finish line at Refuse To Abuse 5K at T-Mobile Park. Group of people are finishing the event and smiling.

WSCADV increases survivors’…

  • Options – to live safely and independently from an abusive partner
  • Freedom – to make their own choices
  • Connection – to be listened to and believed in their communities

We are creating communities where all people can live and love without fear.

We need your help to end domestic & sexual violence. Learn how you can play a role in building a more loving world.

Local domestic violence organizations support survivors across Washington State. Connect with them today.

Concerned about your relationship? There are people available to listen and offer support. Free, confidential, 24/7.

Latest News

Pride 2023: Toward Safe and Joyful Futures for All of Us

Three women sitting together and laughing. They are holding small rainbow LGBTQ pride flags.

June is the season for celebrating pride, queer love, and being our true selves. Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Two-Spirit folks have always been leaders in the movements against violence and towards…

$50.8 Million for Crime Victims Services!

$50.8 million for crime victim services! Thank you for your advocacy.

The 2023 Washington state legislative session came to an end last month and the legislature and Governor allocated an additional $50.8 million for domestic violence and other crime victim services to…

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