Examples of Domestic Violence Housing First

The Domestic Violence Housing First approach can be adapted by any organization. The model is inherently flexible, giving programs the ability to implement the approach to meet the unique needs of their community.

All Domestic Violence Housing First (DVHF) organizations share the common pillars: survivor-driven, trauma informed mobile advocacy, community engagement, and flexible financial assistance, however practices can vary depending on geographic area, community make up, organization size and structure, and resources.

Below are some examples of programs in Washington State who have implemented the approach. DVHF has also been implemented nationally.

Example 1:

InterIm CDA was part of the DVHF pilot project, successfully adapting the model to meet the unique needs of immigrant and refugee survivors of domestic violence.

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Example 2:

LifeWire was part of the DVHF pilot project and braids their multiple funding sources to support the complex needs of survivors experiencing housing instability.

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