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Refuse To Abuse®

Refuse To Abuse® is a partnership between the Seattle Mariners and the Washington State Coalition Against Domestic Violence to prevent violence. Each year popular Mariners players and Managers serve as spokesmen for an annual print, video, and radio campaign. Special thanks to Craters of the Moon Marketing for creating the campaign public service announcements.

Be a part of this effort to prevent domestic violence and promote healthy, respectful relationships by participating in the annual Refuse To Abuse 5K at T-Mobile Park!

2020 Refuse To Abuse® campaign

Radio Public Service Announcement Featuring Kyle Seager

Print Ads

Image of PSA featuring Dee Gordon with text "Choose Excellence, Choose Community, Choose Respect"
Image of PSA featuring Kyle Seager with the text "Choose Commitment, Choose Team, Choose Respect"
Image of PSA featuring Scott Servais with text "Choose Honor, Choose Connection, Choose Respect"
Image of PSA featuring the Mariner Moose with text "Choose Family, Choose Fun, Choose Respect"