Safety Planning with DV Survivors: Core Concepts

Safety planning is one of the foundations for meaningful survivor-centered advocacy. The webinar and attachments take a look at the theory behind safety planning and how to do it well in real life. This is helpful for anyone who works closely with DV survivors, particularly new advocates and those looking for a refreshed perspective on a classic advocacy technique.

2018 Legislative Wrap Up Webinar

Our annual wrap up summary of bills impacting survivors of abuse during the 2018 Washington State legislative session. View slides here.  Answers to questions raised during our 2018 Legislative Wrap Up Webinar.

Staff Retention: We all want it, but how

Deadria Boyland and June Loveall do a deep dive into the issue of staff retention and how it affects the bottom line. This webinar covers onboarding, work culture, competitive wages and benefits, and longevity. We will reference Strategies for Staff Retention in Cris Sullivan’s ‘Mission-focused Management & Empowerment Handbook.’ “Low pay, emotionally demanding work and […]

Prevention – You can do it!

Our Prevention – You can do it! cheat sheet helps to shed light on the sometimes tricky task of figuring out how to make the most of your limited time to do prevention. It helps answer the question, “Is this prevention or is this community education?” and provides guiding principles to reflect upon as you […]

Strategies for Effective Protective Orders

Washington State law requires courts to order surrender of firearms with certain domestic violence protective orders. But does it work? This document lists potential strategies for advocates, law enforcement, and courts at each stage of the Protection Order process to ensure safe removal of firearms from abusers.

Orders to Surrender Firearms Flow Chart

When does Washington State law require the surrender of weapons with a protective order? Under state law, courts issuing certain protective orders must order the respondent to surrender firearms and their concealed pistol license.

Flex Funding and TANF Benefits

This simple fact sheet explains how providing flex funding to a survivor can affect their eligibility for TANF benefits, and how you can work with survivors to maximize their benefits.

Mobile Advocacy Case Study Infographic

This infographic describes mobile advocacy, including information about what advocates and directors who have implemented it have to say.