2020 Legislative Session Summary

This report summarizes the bills impacting survivors of abuse during the 2020 Washington State legislative session.

Confidentiality Refresh

A webinar about confidentiality – one of the core values of domestic violence advocacy.

Community Readiness Assessment

Community Readiness Assessment resources can help identify ways to do violence prevention work in a more strategic way.

Home Visitors & Domestic Violence

We are working with the Department of Children, Youth, and Families and Ounce Washington to provide training to home visitors. We increase their capacity to talk about and screen for domestic violence, and make referrals to local advocacy programs. Home visitors and domestic violence advocates are strengthening their partnerships to better meet the needs of […]

Improving Survivor Access to Birth Control

Three things that advocates & programs can do Reproductive and sexual coercion is an age old problem with a new name – someone messing with your birth control or not respecting your choices around family planning or pregnancy. Don’t ask, just tell – You don’t have to ask or wait for someone to tell you, […]

Best Practices for Shelters

A collection of resources documenting best practices on running domestic violence shelters.

Family Law

A collection of resources for information on divorce and child custody.

Criminal Domestic Violence Cases

A collection of resources for survivors whose partner/ex-partner has been arrested to assist in understanding the legal system and options available.

Protection Orders

A collection of resources explaining the types of protective orders available in Washington State.