2017 Legislative Wrap Up Webinar

Our annual wrap up summary of bills impacting survivors during the 2017 Washington State legislative session.    

New Screening Intake Forms for your Program – April 2017

Survivors have taken the first vulnerable step to call your program. How we receive this call and what we do with this information makes a difference in the survivor’s experience and overall outcome. WSCADV has developed a Screening & Intake model form aimed to help you complete a better screening and this webinar introduces the […]

Domestic Violence Housing First Checklist

Use this checklist to self-assess your program’s progress toward implementation of the DVHF approach and identify areas for improvement.

Planning for Your VOCA Application for Program Enhancements & Expansion

This recording is of the March 1, 2017 webinar on “Planning for Your VOCA Application for Program Enhancements & Expansion,” by WSCADV and the Washington Coalition of Sexual Assault Programs with special guests from the state Office of Crime Victims Advocacy and DSHS.

Good to Know! Social Workers DV Policy Guide for Home Visitors

This webinar provides an overview of the DV Policy Guide that applies to all Department of Children & Family Services (DCFS) social workers when dealing with families experiencing domestic violence, and best practices when advocating on behalf of survivors and their children.  

Your Agency’s Use of Technology and Best Practices – Jan 2017

The use of technology is rapidly changing, and direct services are moving towards mobile advocacy. WSCADV wants to keep agencies up to date by covering best practices for mobile devices, social media, use of computers, texting with survivors and email communication. We will highlight NNEDV’s resources, containing best practices and policies for the use of […]

Domestic Violence Screening+, Let’s talk about it!

This webinar covers best practices for home visitors when screening for domestic violence, and strategies that open the door to further conversations about healthy relationships.