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Domestic Violence Action Month

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Action (DVAM) Month! Here are some resources to get the word out.

A cartoon of two cats. One is holding a flag that says "Love like this - Together we can end domestic violence. October is Domestic Violence Action Month," the other cat is cheering into a bullhorn

Activity ideas and materials

New for 2019!

Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram friendly graphics

This year, we are focusing on our communities taking action, by promoting lessons from the all new Friends and Family Guide. Digital materials are sized for Instagram posts, Instagram and Facebook Stories, and Cover Photos for you to use across all of your social media platforms!

Click on this link to browse our high-res galleries or click any of the images below to download!

Halloween DVAM Social Media Gallery

Boo! We have a bonus gallery for Halloween inspired DVAM posts for you to share the week of Halloween!

Don’t forget to check out our activities and materials from previous years too!