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Group picture of the WSCADV staff smiling and standing outdoors in the fall.


Headshot of Amanda Gering.

Amanda Gering Wheatley

Finance & Operations
206-389-2515 x204

Headshot of Anna McKnight

Anna McKnight

Public Policy Support
206-389-2515 x301

headshot of Blanca McCreary-Ortega

Blanca McCreary-Ortega

Crossing Borders
206-389-2515 x302

Cathy Salazar

206-389-2515 x300

Headshot of Deadria Boyland.

Deadria Boyland

Leadership Development, Membership Support
206-389-2515 x203

Headshot of Elizabeth Montoya

Elizabeth Montoya

206-389-2515 x307

headshot of Emily Stone

Emily Stone

Public Policy Director
206-389-2515 x214

Picture of Heather, a person with short dark brown hair, light framed glasses, and blue lipstick, smiling at the camera.

Heather Wehr

Legal Advocacy
206-389-2515 x212

Picture of Jake, a person with short, spiky brown hair, glasses, and a beard smiling at the camera.

Jake Fawcett

Fatality Review, Membership Support
206-389-2515 x211

Headshot of Judy Chen.

Judy Chen

Executive Director
206-389-2515 x206

Headshot of Kevin Lee

Kevin Lee

Economic Justice
206-389-2515 x205

Headshot of Laurel Hackley

Laurel Hackley

Membership, Donations
206-389-2515 x215

Headshot of Leigh Hofheimer

Leigh Hofheimer

Reproductive Justice
206-389-2515 x202

Headshot of Linda Olsen

Linda Olsen

Housing Consultant
206-389-2515 x205

headshot of Mackenzie Parcell

Mackenzie Parcell

Conference, Refuse To Abuse® 5K
206-389-2515 x209

Headshot of Max Walsh

Max Walsh

Executive Assistant
206-389-2515 x200

Headshot of Nan Stoops

Nan Stoops

Movement Building
206-389-2515 x208

Headshot of Nicole Banman

Nicole Banman

206-389-2515 x303

Picture of Pam Ehrbar, a blonde woman wearing dark brown glasses, smiling at the camera.

Pam Ehrbar

Training Events, Online Store
206-389-2515 x309

Headshot of Sarah Kendall

Sarah Kendall

Housing Stability
206-389-2515 x306

headshot of Ward Urion

Ward Urion

206-389-2515 x308