Leadership Development

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Strong organizations are built on leadership from everyone—directors, managers, advocates, and new people with fresh perspectives. Running a domestic violence program is a difficult job. Operating a shelter for women and children fleeing from abusers presents challenges in conflict management, supervising, and morale. Directors and managers can feel isolated and overwhelmed. WSCADV provides practical help and peer connection.

Intensive leadership support

  • New Directors Learning Network offers intensive training for directors on the job three years or less. Email deadria@wscadv.org for more information.
  • People of Color & Native People’s Leadership Academy provides intensive training on leadership and management for organizations and the movement to end violence. Email deadria@wscadv.org for more information.

Ongoing support

  • Regional Directors Meetings – Several regions in the state have well organized directors groups. We encourage directors to attend the meeting in their area – or travel to other regions to see what their peers are up to! Notices are sent out periodically to directors.
  • Shelter Managers – support and peer learning opportunities for those who are responsible for or assist in managing shelter programs. Email deadria@wscadv.org for more information and visit our Shelter Support page for additional resources.