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Financial Assistance

Money has a lot to do with getting safe from domestic violence. We know that having limited financial resources is a big risk factor for experiencing domestic violence. Check out these resources to connect with financial assistance.

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Explore health care programs that may be available to you and your family. If you plan to apply for medical and cash benefits, go to the Washington Health Plan Finder FIRST. Doing so means you only have to enter your information once.

Public Benefits

Learn about the public benefit programs available in Washington State, including who is eligible, and how to apply.

Confidentiality at DSHS

What are the confidentiality practices of the Department of Social & Health Services (DSHS)? What should a survivor know about how her personal information is handled at the welfare office? Find out here.

Administrative Hearing Requests

You have the right to request an administrative hearing if you disagree with any decision that is made at DSHS about your benefits.

Child Support

Is seeking child support a good option for you? Learn more here about the risks and benefits of child support when you are dealing with domestic violence.

Washington Basic Food Program (Food Stamps)

Find out more about the program and if you are eligible. This external website also has information about other ways to get food if you are not eligible for Food Stamps.

Unemployment Insurance

Learn about your rights, safety, and how and where you can go for help if you feel you qualify for unemployment benefits due to domestic violence, sexual assault, or stalking.

For more information about financial assistance, please visit the collection of resources on our Economic Justice page.