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National Implementation of Domestic Violence Housing First

Organizations across the country are using the Domestic Violence Housing First model. Over 65 California programs are implementing the approach using Victims of Crime Act (VOCA) funding.

Graphic highlighting Napa NEWS's work in Napa Valley, CA. The main text reads: Over the past 10 years, NEWS, domestic violence and sexual abuse services, has recognized the important role of economic and self sufficiency and stable housing in creating safety and independence. They recently received an influx of VOCA funds, dedicating $425,000 to their DVHF program. The model has given them a framework that has become central to the way they do their work with survivors.

An Exemplar of the Domestic Violence Housing First Model 

California Domestic Violence Housing First Pilot Process Evaluation 

Longitudinal Evaluation of Rainbow Services

Multi-Pronged Evaluation of Domestic Violence Housing First in California

Community Engagement Evaluation

California Statewide Evaluation

Other states implementing Domestic Violence Housing First include Colorado and Utah.