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In Her Shoes®

Picture of the original In Her Shoes Training Kit. The picture shows some pieces from the kit laid out on a table including multicolored cards, an instruction booklet, and a station label.

A series of revolutionary community education tools, the In Her Shoes® series is designed for experiential learning about domestic violence. Participants move, act, think, and make choices as a person experiencing an abusive relationship.

In Her Shoes® is being used to educate communities about domestic violence in over 900 communities across the country.

In Her Shoes: Living with Domestic Violence

This version is the original simulation, which is great for educating a broad range of community and professional groups and can be facilitated in sessions of one to two hours.

In Her Shoes: Economic Justice Edition

This version of In Her Shoes® will increase awareness of the additional struggles survivors of domestic violence face when they are poor. The perspective of the abusive partner is also represented in the Economic Justice Edition. Most useful for longer training sessions where there are opportunities for group discussion.