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Prevention Basics

drawing of a toolbox with words "Picture of Prevention" and drawings of tools and spokes with the words "Resilience, Strength, Trust, Empathy" and a clipboard with the text "Washington State Domestic Violence Programs engage in community and school-based prevention activities by addressing root causes, shifting culture, building skills, and promoting healthy relationships. Prevention work thrives when communities and schools are engaged in ways that fit within their culture and community context and center the positive relationships with youth and other allies."

New to prevention? Check out Prevention 101 first.

We have tools to help your community get ready for prevention, do prevention, and learn about what other folks are doing to make 100% violence prevention a reality. Join us!

Get your program & community READY to do prevention

Building Capacity for Prevention

Do In Their Shoes: Teens and Dating Violence in your community.

Get clear on serving teens and mandated reporting:

DO prevention in your community

Some tools to help you get started:

LEARN about other prevention work