Reproductive Justice

We have a role to play in the Reproductive Justice Movement. We are beginning to integrate this into our work.

Reproductive and sexual coercion

We are working with the Washington Coalition of Sexual Assault Programs to address the link between reproductive and sexual coercion and violence against women and girls. For resources and tools, please visit

Three things that advocates can do

Reproductive and sexual coercion is an age old problem with a new name – someone messing with your birth control or not respecting your choices around family planning or pregnancy.

  1. Don’t ask, just tell – You don’t have to ask or wait for someone to tell you, just offer resources and information about birth control.
  2. Offer emergency contraception – Check out the innovative work of these DV/SA programs who have EC on site. Feeling unsure about how emergency contraception works? Check out the science behind it.
  3. Tell everybody, especially teens – Teens don’t need parental consent for birth control or abortion services.

Access to reproductive health services allows women and teens to write their own future.

Common questions

Where can I buy the cheapest emergency contraception pill?
Are there any restrictions to buying EC?


Find information about the Washington Health Plan Finder, learn how survivors can enroll at anytime, and find free healthcare clinics in your area.

Home visitors

We are also working with the Department of Early Learning and ThriveWA to provide training to home visitors. We increase their capacity to talk about and screen for domestic violence, and make referrals to local advocacy programs. Home visitors and domestic violence advocates are strengthening their partnerships to better meet the needs of pregnant and parenting women and youth.