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Prevention 101

Spray painted wall that says "If not us, then who? If not now, then when?"

So, you’re new to prevention? Welcome!

Check out these helpful resources.

What is prevention? Get educated!

What do a river, a toolbox, and 100% have to do with Prevention? These links and courses will remind you that domestic and sexual violence are 100% preventable, you have to go upstream in the river to prevent violence and address root causes, and you’ve got lots to work with in your toolbox!

What isn’t prevention?

A good question to ask in whatever you are doing is: “To what end?” If the “end” is preventing domestic and sexual violence, then ding ding, it is prevention. If it is not (if it’s building awareness of services or something else), then no problem, it still might be worthwhile, but it is not prevention. The reason this matters is not to assign value to your work but instead to be intentional about how you are using your limited prevention resources.

Prevention Methodology

Picture of Prevention toolbox

At WSCADV, we believe that successful prevention efforts seek to bring about change in individuals, relationships, communities, and society through strategies that:

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Take Action

Times have changed, and we are all aware of domestic and sexual violence. That’s why we are ready for action. Together we can end domestic and sexual violence.

Stay Connected

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Follow these rad orgs for ideas and inspiration to reimagine a world free of violence!

Domestic and sexual violence are 100% preventable!