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How’s Your Relationship? Conversation Cards

How’s Your Relationship? Chat about love with those you love

How's Your Relationship? Cards CoverNo one is too young or too old to think about what a healthy relationship looks like and feels like. These activity cards help you get the conversation started so you can chat about love with those you love.

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Image of cover of Hows Your Relationship cards in Spanish with text "Como vu su relacion"

How’s Your Relationship? Conversations with someone about their abusive behavior

Hows Your Relationship - Abusive Behavior CoverIt’s hard to admit or even recognize when someone we care about is being abusive. When we do start to see it, some of us want to vote them off the island and some of us want to stick our head in the sand. But what if we want to continue to be in community with folks who have done harm? These cards will help you talk with a person in your life who is struggling in their relationship, who maybe isn’t their best self, and who has the will to change.

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