Preventing Violence

Domestic and sexual violence are 100% preventable.


Attendees of the 2019 Prevention Retreat
100% Awesome. Preventionists from Washington know that domestic and sexual violence are 100% preventable and they are 100% committed to preventing violence in their communities. This picture is from our 2019 Prevention Retreat with WCSAP.

It is our view that successful prevention efforts seek to bring about change in individuals, relationships, communities, and society through strategies that:

Graphic of the components of successful prevention: address root causes of violence, shift culture, build skills, and promote healthy relationships.

We’ve got tools to help you get your community ready for prevention, do prevention, and learn about what other folks are doing to make 100% preventable a reality. Join us!

Getting your program or community READY to do prevention

Building Capacity for Prevention

Do In Their Shoes: Teens and Dating Violence in your community.

Get clear on serving teens and mandated reporting:

DOING prevention in your community

Some tools to help you get started:

LEARN about other prevention work