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2023 Legislative Session Guide

The 2023 state legislative session starts on January 9, 2023. Our top priority this session is a joint $132 Million budget request with other crime victim services organizations, and we’d…

Prevention Basics

A collection of tips and tools for domestic violence prevention work.

Prevention 101

So, you’re new to prevention? Welcome! Check out these helpful resources. What is prevention? What do a river, a toolbox, and “100%” have to do with Prevention? These links and…

Reproductive Justice

Everyone should be free to make decisions about their body without violence, coercion, or external control. The freedom to make decisions around reproductive health allows people to write their own…


A collection of information, resources, and training materials on how advocates and advocacy programs can best protect survivor confidentiality.

Technology Safety

A collection of resources on the safe use of technology for survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, and/or stalking.