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Introduction to Nonprofit Finance

Puzzled by financial reports? Feeling like everyone else knows what these numbers mean, except for you? This course will introduce you to the three most commonly used financial statements in nonprofits: the budget, income statement, and balance sheet. You will also become familiar with a few core principles that will help you as a leader. The content is geared for managers, advocates, and board members who want to increase confidence and basic knowledge of financial management at domestic violence organizations. If possible, we encourage you to take this course with a colleague, so that you can help each other learn.

Completing this course constitutes 11 self-study hours.

Part I: Core concepts

This section provides basic information about finance.

Survivors of domestic violence increase their self- determination and paths to freedom when they gain/regain control over their economic resources. As nonprofit leaders and activists, we must do the same. After all, if we do not understand and manage our financial resources, who will?

Part II: Budgets, income statements, and balance sheets

Three financial statements to know and love. Even if you are not the romantic type, understanding financial statements can increase your confidence, spark insight, and help your team turn visions and dreams into reality. The budget, income statement, and balance sheet say a lot about how an organization carries out its mission and puts its values into action.

Part III: Practical applications

Financial statements can help your organization make good decisions and decrease money worries related to organizational health, saving and spending, cash flow, and rainy days. Learn more about reading financial statements and practice what you’ve learned with this experiential exercise!

Consult these webinars and online resources to further your learning:

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