Voting When You Are Homeless

Guide for registering to vote if you are currently homeless. See also: Voting If You Have a Felony Conviction

Planning for Your VOCA Application to Improve Staff Compensation

Federal Victims of Crime Act (VOCA) funding is becoming available for improving staff wages, benefits, and basic FTE’s for domestic violence, sexual assault, and crime victims’ programs that are currently contracted with OCVA and DSHS. Discover tips and ideas on how to think through your plan to improve employee pay and benefits, working with your […]

Through Prevention Colored Glasses – Webinar

This webinar covers how to have a prevention lens and incorporate domestic violence prevention into all of your programming. Prevention strategies and theories are presented to help you embrace the idea that prevention is possible!

What’s Next? Prevention! Webinar

2016 brings us new requirements and opportunities to do prevention. This webinar covers what’s in store for us as we move forward with our vision of ending domestic violence, including new funding requirements for prevention for DSHS contractors as well as information about new funding starting in FY17.