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Advocacy for Language Access

This course focuses on access and advocacy issues related to people with limited English proficiency. The lessons provide the opportunity to critically analyze how your current advocacy practices address the experiences and challenges of living as an immigrant or refugee. Additionally, this course offers practical tools that will increase survivors’ ability to access services and receive effective advocacy from your organization. 

Completing this course constitutes 8 self-study hours.

Part I: Culture, the law, and planning 

Advocates can benefit from exploring issues related to definining Limited English Proficiency (LEP), legal protections for LEP people, and the need for planning so LEP survivors have access to advocacy. 

Part II: Policies, procedures, and advocate stories 

Consider how a protocol for helping LEP people, along with advocates’ stories, may inform your advocacy. 

Part III: Experiential exercise 

Gather a group of your coworkers to review the Federal Language Access Assessment Tool and WSCADV’s Model Protocol on Services for LEP Immigrant and Refugee Victims of Domestic Violence.

  • Discuss the possibility of using the information in these documents to update your organization’s policies and procedures.
  • Plan the next steps that you could take toward creating a new or updated Language Access Plan.
  • Consider the following questions in your discussion:
    1. What information did you and your coworkers find most useful in the assessment tool and model protocol?
    2. What is working well when it comes to language access at your organization?
    3. What are your biggest challenges when it comes to language access at your organization?

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