Open Letter from Gender-Based Violence Organizations Regarding Sex Trade Arrests in Seattle

October 9, 2019 Dear Mayor Durkan and Members of the Seattle City Council, We are leading organizations in Washington State working to end sexual assault, domestic violence, and other forms of gender-based violence. We are deeply disturbed by the news, reported last week, that the Seattle Police Department has apparently abandoned existing policy on prostitution […]

Family or Food? No One Should Have to Choose

Take Action by December 10th! To end abuse and create thriving communities, families must feel safe seeking help to access food, health care, and housing. The proposed federal “Public Charge” rule is a threat to immigrant survivors of domestic and sexual violence and their communities. Please join WSCADV and anti-violence advocates around the country in speaking […]

Take Action Today to Stop Family Separation

TAKE ACTION TODAY to stop family separation of children from their parents seeking asylum. Call your Congressional Representative NOW to ask them to vote NO on the two immigration bills coming up for vote tomorrow (6/21). Tell them to reject both the Goodlatte bill AND the Ryan ‘compromise’. These are damaging bills that won’t help […]

We Choose All of Us

We believe that our efforts to end domestic violence must be grounded in a strong resolve for building laws and communities that welcome and respect immigrants, center the lived experiences of immigrants and survivors, and integrate immigrants into the fabric of our society. This means choosing inclusion, choosing compassion, and centering approaches and solutions that choose […]

Women’s March anniversary events

Next weekend marks the one-year anniversary of the Women’s March, the largest coordinated protest in U.S. history. WSCADV joins this movement because working to end domestic and sexual violence requires organizing and demanding safety and justice for women. Women’s safety and freedom is inseparable from the safety and freedom of those most targeted and most marginalized. […]

WSCADV and WCSAP urge you to DECLINE to SIGN Initiative 1552

WSCADV and WCSAP urge you to DECLINE to SIGN Initiative 1552. This harmful ballot initiative is an attempt to roll back civil rights protections and anti-discrimination laws that have helped to protect people in Washington for over a decade. Initiative 1552 targets LGBTQ students and threatens the safety of some of the most vulnerable children […]

Protect Domestic Violence Survivors’ Access to Healthcare

  We don’t want to go backwards. Repealing the Affordable Care Act or changing the Medicaid program puts millions of women at risk. Where you live makes all the difference—Washington State has laws that protect domestic violence survivors who need to take time off from work and support access to health care, reproductive health care and […]

Think Before You Ink!

It’s initiative signing season, so… Check out this info on initiatives we support or oppose.

We need a state budget – take action now!

If the Washington State Legislature fails to pass a budget by midnight Tuesday, state funding for critical services will be suspended beginning July 1. Negotiations are underway and the Senate is hearing two budget proposals today. We are hopeful that a budget will pass, but we need to keep the pressure on to make this […]