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Approve Referendum 90 for Safe & Healthy Youth

"Keep kids safe and healthy. Approve 90." Text written on purple background with drawing of six racially diverse young people.

Domestic violence is 100% preventable, but only if young people are equipped with the knowledge and skills to create and maintain healthy relationships. Current state standards for sexual health education include strong provisions for information about healthy relationships and consent, but many young people across Washington are not able to access this education under the current inconsistent state law. 

One of our policy priorities during the 2020 state legislative session was SB 5395, requiring all public schools to teach age-appropriate, inclusive, comprehensive sexual health education to K-12 students. This bill passed, but those who oppose it gained enough signatures for it to be voted on during our November election. It is now called Referendum 90, a ballot measure that will approve or reject the sexual health education law (SB 5395) that passed earlier this year.

Join us in supporting access to comprehensive sexual and relationship health education and APPROVE R 90! For more information, visit Safe & Healthy Youth Washington.