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Domestic Violence Housing First: Educating Funders Toolkit

Consider these ideas for developing diversified funding and community support for the Domestic Violence Housing First model.

Diversified funding resources

  • Evaluate your place at your County’s planning table(s) for federal, state,
    and local housing/homelessness funds. If you’re not already participating,
    find out where and when the meetings are. If you’re already at the table,
    make sure that the voices of DV survivors are heard in the planning process.
  • For specific public funding information, check out these websites:
  • Identify which private foundations in your region might be interested in
    domestic violence and homelessness. Reach out to the contact people,
    invite them to your program, and discuss your ideas.
  • Review your donor base and consider adapting fundraising events and
    appeals for new service delivery strategies.

Talk to your community

  • Educate your funders, public and private, about this flexible approach to
    services and funding.
  • Host funders at agency information events.
  • Provide alternative ways for community groups to become involved in
    survivor support such as adopting survivor households to help with new
    apartment set up.