Confidentiality Refresh

A webinar about confidentiality – one of the core values of domestic violence advocacy.

Family Law

A collection of resources for information on divorce and child custody.

Criminal Domestic Violence Cases

A collection of resources for survivors whose partner/ex-partner has been arrested to assist in understanding the legal system and options available.

Protection Orders

A collection of resources explaining the types of protective orders available in Washington State.

Identity Documents

A collection of resources on how to access identity documents, like your birth certificate or a passport, and how to keep your address confidential.

Survivor Centered Legal Advocacy

Webinar on legal advocacy strategies when working with the most marginalized survivors including LGBTQ, people of color and undocumented folks.

Your Rights at Work

This printable poster outlines workplace protections for survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, and stalking.

Strategies for Effective Protective Orders

Strategies for advocates, law enforcement, and courts at each stage of the Protection Order process to ensure safe removal of firearms from abusers.