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Resources for Fatality Reviews

If you are setting up a fatality review project, please feel free to contact us. We welcome opportunities to share our experience and thinking with you.

Domestic Violence Fatality Review

Background and purpose of the Washington State Domestic Violence Fatality Review.

Homicide at Home

This 1998 report describes the Washington State Fatality Review model and the process and thinking that shaped it.

Advocates and Fatality Reviews

Discussion for domestic violence advocates about key elements for effective Fatality Review teams: leadership, culture, focus, and products of reviews. This paper also addresses confidentiality and steps to avoid victim blaming.

Guidelines for Advocates Participating in Fatality Reviews

Six basic guidelines for advocates.

Washington State Fatality Review Legislation

State law that authorizes the Domestic Violence Fatality Review, and establishes confidentiality and liability protections for review teams.

National Domestic Violence Fatality Review Initiative

A wealth of information and resources for Fatality Review teams, and links to state Domestic Violence Fatality Review projects.

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