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Fatality Review

Domestic Violence Fatality Review is a powerful tool to bring communities together, systematically analyze the response to domestic violence, and mobilize participants to take action.

Get the facts

Fatality Review data and reports demonstrate the impact of domestic violence on our communities. Keep up to date with the most recent fatality review data. Look to our Issue Briefs and Summaries of Fatality Review Recommendations for information on a range of topics. Or find links to other good sources of domestic violence data.

Take action

Each of our Fatality Review Reports contains findings based on in-depth reviews, and specific policy recommendations to improve practice in a wide range of disciplines. Find recommendations on specific topics here and in the index of reports. Use the recommendations to set the agenda for Coordinated Community Response teams and community task forces, or in your organization’s strategic plan. Learn more about convening a Fatality Review team in your community, or other ways to use the Fatality Review to promote change.

Inform your community

Our Media Guide for reporters has current data and tips for accurately covering domestic violence crimes. Use Fatality Review stats and stories to put domestic violence homicides in a larger context. User-friendly Issue Briefs are perfect for training and community education. Contact us to ask about inviting Fatality Review staff to present the findings and recommendations to your group.

Remember and honor victims

Fatality Review reports contain the names of the women, children and men who were killed by domestic violence abusers in Washington State. Domestic violence advocacy programs organizing a vigil or other event to remember victims in your community can contact us for more information.

Visit our Statistics & Research page to find current data including domestic violence stats for Washington State and all of our Fatality Review reports and policy recommendations.