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Immigrant Justice

Platicas with lideres campesinas

We believe that violence against women and children should not be viewed outside the context of the experience of immigrant communities. Immigrant communities face incredible barriers to achieving stability in the United States. The factors that play into the unfair treatment of immigrants include racism, sexism, and labor/economic exploitation, to name a few.

Within this context, sexual and/or domestic violence survivors face additional barriers to being safe, stable, and empowered, such as a lack of clarity/knowledge about rights, navigating complex systems (housing, benefits, health care, immigration, etc.), getting timely, appropriate services, and more.

Our findings

We’ve found that domestic violence programs can strengthen advocacy by:

  • Using our Self-Assessment Guide to do a creative, thoughtful evaluation of their capacity to provide culturally appropriate services.
  • Taking our online training course Advocacy for Language Access.
  • Building relationships with immigrant communities by implementing the promotora model.
  • Connecting with the larger immigrant rights movement, which is a critical step to addressing violence against women.

Our work in action

Watch all of our Crossing Borders videos!

Our Radio Novela – a Spanish language PSA about sexual coercion impacting immigrant farmworkers: