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Take Action! Stop Immigration Arrests at Courthouses

One of our priority bills needs your support to keep moving through the legislative process. Take action today! The ACLU of Washington makes it easy with a sample script for you to use.

Courts Open to All Act: Prohibit warrantless civil arrests of immigrants at Washington State courts. (HB 2567/ SB 6522

There is strong evidence that many immigrant survivors have decided not to report crimes or seek help because of fears that immigration officials could arrest them if they access the courts for things like Protection Orders. When survivors are not able to reach out for help, it makes our communities less safe. Prohibiting these civil arrests at courthouses is necessary for immigrant survivors to be able to get help for the abuse they are experiencing.

Please contact your representatives and ask them to support House Bill 2567.

Not sure who your representative is? No problem! You can find them here using the district finder. Contact the two “Reps” and share your message by clicking on their names to get their contact information.