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Take Action for Prevention Today!

One of our priority bills needs your support to keep moving through the legislative process. Take action today!

Comprehensive sexual & relationship health education: Support domestic violence prevention by expanding access to comprehensive sexual and relationship health education in schools. (SB 5395

Domestic violence is preventable when young people are equipped with the knowledge and skills to create and maintain healthy relationships. Current state standards for sexual health education include strong provisions for information about healthy relationships and consent, but many young people across Washington are not able to access this education under the current inconsistent state law.

This bill passed the Senate with strong support last month, and was heard in the House Education Committee this morning. There is a lot of inaccurate information about this bill being shared, and members of the House need to hear that their constituents support comprehensive sexual & relationship health education.

Please contact your representatives today and ask them to support Senate Bill 5395. 

Not sure who your representative is? No problem! You can find them here using the district finder. Contact the two “Reps” and share your message by clicking on their names to get their contact information.

Sample script:

Please support SB 5395 so young people across Washington can learn age-appropriate information about personal boundaries, respectful relationships, and consent. Domestic and sexual violence is 100% preventable, but only when young people have access to the information they need.