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Take Action for Affordable Housing!

No one should have to choose between staying with an abusive partner or becoming homeless. Domestic violence is a leading cause of homelessness for women and children. We have the opportunity to change that. Take action today!

This action alert from our allies at the Washington Low Income Housing Alliance has everything you need to make an impact today:

“This week, the initial House Operating Budget and Senate Operating Budget were released, and they include investments of over $234 million and $115 million respectively for affordable housing and proven homelessness solutions! Thanks to an unexpected extraordinary windfall of revenue, we could be poised for much more funding for affordable housing than previously expected in a Supplemental Budget year. 

We still need to push hard to ensure that during the negotiations between Senate and House budget writers, these great investments are not reduced. Please send a letter to your lawmaker to vote for a budget that invests as much funding toward affordable housing and homelessness as possible today!”