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Our Business

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So, this post has been making it’s way around my Facebook circle, so I read it. It’s an open letter by an executive director of a small non profit to his friends in the business community. I think he makes some very interesting points. Take a moment to read it.

Go ahead. I’ll wait.


OK, so, what did you think? What about it resonated for you? What didn’t? Maybe there are some points here that you could incorporate into your next conversation with donors or your Board. Tell us what you think!

3 thoughts on “Our Business

  1. I think this guy is brilliant and I agree with everything he says. Someone should give his organization money.

    1. Hello Vu! Thank you for your blog and the work you do in this arena. We have a Good Jobs project here at WSCADV where we work with leaders at our Member Programs to foster changes that support creating good jobs and strong organizations. Let’s keep in touch!

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