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New Resource! Friends & Family Guide for Helping Someone in an Abusive Relationship

We are thrilled to announce the release of our new Friends & Family Guide. This online resource covers how to help someone who is experiencing abuse, as well as how to talk to someone who is harming or abusing their partner. The guide also includes a section on how to support teens to have healthy relationships.

WSCADV’s research on domestic violence fatalities found that nearly all of the victims in homicides studied reached out to family and friends for help before their death. Victims turned to these informal support networks earlier and more often than they turned to the legal system. Friends and family often wanted to help, but did not know how.

This guide provides concrete tips and tools for starting the conversation, providing information and support, and staying connected.

Printable version of the Friends & Family Guide

Press Release: Friends & Family are First Responders to Domestic Violence