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Legislative Update: Almost to the Finish Line!

There are just 9 days left until the regular session ends on March 12th. For the rest of this Two members of WSCADV's staff at the state capitol buildingweek, the House and Senate will be on the floor considering bills that were already approved by the other house. We’re thrilled to report that most of the bills WSCADV has been supporting are still moving forward! We can’t relax quite yet … please help us get these bills to the finish line!

Take action today to support HB 2567, the Courts Open to All Act. The amazing team at the Washington Immigrant Solidarity Network have all the info you need for a last push to protect immigrant survivors of abuse. Why is this bill so critical? There is strong evidence that many immigrant survivors have decided not to report crimes or seek help because of fears that immigration officials could arrest them if they access the courts for things like Protection Orders. Prohibiting these civil arrests at courthouses is necessary for immigrant survivors to be able to get help for the abuse they are experiencing.

The next big deadline is 5:00 pm this Friday, March 6th. This is the cutoff for bills to be approved by the “opposite house.”

Stay tuned for action alerts from us this next week in case either of our other priority bills—SB 5164, assistance for immigrant survivors of trafficking or abuse and SB 5395, comprehensive sexual and relationship health education—need an extra push in the last days of session.

Catch up on the status of all the bills WSCADV is following this session by visiting our State Legislative Advocacy page and sign up today for our post-session Legislative Wrap Up Webinar on April 2nd.