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Washington State Fatality Review Reports

Each biennial report includes: stories from in-depth reviews of domestic violence homicides and suicides; key findings based on reviews; and specific recommendations for law enforcement, prosecutors, courts, child welfare, employers, health care and mental health providers, economic services, chemical dependency, domestic violence advocates, and more.

honoring cover

Honoring their Lives, Learning from their Deaths (2000) Our first biennial report details findings and recommendations from thirty case reviews.

tell the world cover

“Tell the World What Happened to Me” (2002) includes a study of 625 Washington State Protection Orders which found that petitioners in reviewed fatality cases were far more likely to mention homicide and suicide threats than other Protection Order petitioners.

every life lost cover

Every Life Lost is a Call for Change (2004) contains results of 4 statewide surveys evaluating the implementation of DVFR recommendations. And analysis of the impact of police collaboration with immigration enforcement on domestic violence victims.

if i had cover

If I Had One More Day… (2006) Research finding that 1 in 5 men who die by suicide in Washington State had been perpetrators of domestic violence. Exploration of victims’ suicide. Analysis of how inadequate language access endangered victims and undermined offender accountability. And “what can you do today?” steps make it simple for everyone to take action.

now that we know cover

Now That We Know (2008) New data shows that Hispanic and Latina, African American, American Indian and Alaska Native, and Asian and Pacific Islander women are at 2.5 to 3.5 times greater risk for domestic violence homicide than white, non-Hispanic women in Washington State. And critical gaps in services for Protection Order petitioners.

up to us cover

Up to Us: Lessons learned and goals for change (2010)  Summary of lessons from 84 case reviews. 11 key goals to improve the community response to domestic violence in Washington State. Plus strategies for using the Fatality Review as a tool for change.

whatcom dvfr report cover

It Happened in Our Town. In 2012-2013, WSCADV collaborated with the Bellingham-Whatcom County Commission Against Domestic Violence to convene a domestic violence fatality review panel. The DV Commission initiated the DVFR in response to a spike in domestic violence homicides in Whatcom County.

dv fatalities 2016 graphic

Domestic Violence Fatalities in Washington State (2016) Honoring victims’ lives; putting learning into action. Statistics from the Washington State Domestic Violence Fatality Review, updated for 2006-2015. Summary of progress toward 11 key goals to improve the community response to domestic violence. Plus new data, resources and tools to support implementation of key goals.