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Talking with Teens about Emergency Contraception & Birth Control

Start the conversation with teens about emergency contraception and birth control.


One person needs to be comfortable in this conversation; it would be helpful if it was the adult!

  • Get clear and reassure them that their parents don’t have to know.
  • Be aware of your own discomfort and figure out what will help you go
    forward with confidence.
  • Be aware that teens often feel judged about their decisions around sexuality
    and birth control (especially a teen mom).
  • Get comfortable with the information. Get to know the most common kinds
    of stealth birth control and their risk of detection.
  • Understand how emergency contraception works and how it prevents
  • Get clear that all forms of Plan B (Levonorgestrel) are available without
    prescription or restrictions online or on store shelves.


It’s okay to say you don’t know.

  • Your conversation doesn’t have to take on everything about sex and
  • Prepare for the conversation so that you don’t ask too many questions. Focus
    on your care and interest for the young person.
  • Try starting the conversation with:
    • “Just so you know, I tell everyone we work with that we have emergency
      contraception, pregnancy tests, and condoms on hand…”
    • “We have all sorts of resources available at our program like school supplies, information about community resources, emergency contraception, condoms, and pregnancy tests.”
    • “I’m so glad you came to me.”


I like to know about things even if I don’t need it yet.

  • Be direct and comfortable.
  • Embrace the opportunity to connect. It’s okay to laugh at yourself and not know everything! You’re in it together.
  • Get to the heart of the conversation with:
    • “Hey, would you like to know more about birth control options and emergency contraception?”
    • “Did you know there is birth control you can get without your parent’s
    • “Do you know about hidden forms of birth control? Maybe you can tell your friends even if you don’t need it.”
    • “Do you have a form of contraception that you’re comfortable with?”