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Teen Leadership Council Toolkit

WSCADV facilitated a statewide Teen Leadership Council for several years and we want to share our learning and materials with you! Take them and make them your own.


Everyone needs a little TLC! WSCADV has benefited from spending time with young people from across the state and have used our time together to pilot materials, ask for feedback, and get tuned in to the things that matter most to teens.

What's the best way to find out about what teens are doing these days? Ask them.

Your local TLC will help you connect with youth in your community and partner with them on your prevention work. A TLC might be able to advise you on your intervention services as well. The possibilities are endless!

Ultimately, a TLC can look like this:

Inform program + inform community + inform peers = youth informed and youth relevant prevention


You can adapt these forms, agendas, and activities to fit your program’s needs. And don’t feel like you have to call it a TLC – call it whatever makes sense to your community!

Mobilize your allies and community to spread the word and recruit young people to apply to be a part of your TLC. Download our DIY TLC Get Started Packet to find a sample application, graphics, and permission slips. Once you’ve made your selections, plan a first gathering with the materials in the WHAT section.

  • Sample Application: This application notes that teens will earn a small stipend. Think about if your program can commit to this and adjust the application to be true for whatever you create!
  • Sample Permission slips: There are two permission slips – one for permission to take and share pictures and one for participation. You can modify them to fit your program needs and concerns.
  • Graphics: You can use the TLC graphic and make it your own!


Bring everyone together. You decide how often, where, and when. See how the TLC can inform the work that you are doing and take on prevention in your community! Download our DIY TLC Tools Packet to find:

TLC participants can decide how often you get together along with what your group focuses on.

Sample Agendas

  • All of our meetings were 6 hours (since folks were coming from across the state). You can take pieces and break it up into whatever length session you’d like.
  • Because you have the option to do shorter and more frequent meetings, you can add a lot of different activities and more timely events. (e.g. You could take the participants to see a new YA movie and then go out for pizza and discuss!)

PowerPoints and Trainer guides

  • The PowerPoints that we used are attached along with a trainer guide that breaks down the activities and talking points.

Icebreakers and Energizers

  • It is helpful to have a variety of icebreakers and energizers in your back pocket to keep your time together moving and fun.