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Why WSCADV supports #WhyIMarch


The Women’s March on Washington “aims to send a message to all levels of government,
including but not limited to the incoming Presidential administration, that we stand together in solidarity and we expect elected leaders to act to protect the rights of women, their families and their communities.”

WSCADV supports and joins this movement. Working to end domestic and sexual violence requires organizing and demanding safety and justice for women. We’re marching because women’s safety and freedom is inseparable from the safety and freedom of those most targeted, most hated, and most marginalized – immigrants, people of color, LGBT+, Muslim, and Jewish communities. We call upon policymakers, community leaders, and neighbors to make it so: safety and justice for ALL.

Washington State Women’s March Mission

Our mission is to bring diverse women together for collective action. We are angry, sad, scared, and frustrated, but we are also hopeful that our love and power can overcome the challenges ahead. We are at the beginning of something momentous, but first and foremost, this is a continuation of a struggle that women of color, people of marginalized identities, sexualities, abilities, backgrounds, and experiences, have faced and have been fighting for decades. We are most powerful when united. Our mission is to support and amplify these voices on January 21, 2017, in our state and in Washington, DC. We hope you join this powerful new anti-racist, pro-woman collective force!

Find your local march here and join us!