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Standing with Our Jewish, Immigrant and Other Members and Communities Targeted by Hate Violence

Please join the Washington State Coalition Against Domestic Violence in holding in warm embrace our member programs – including those working with Jewish, immigrant and refugee, African American, and LGBTQ survivors of abuse – and communities targeted by hate violence and extremists.

Last week’s shooting in Pittsburgh, targeting the Tree of Life Or L’Simcha synagogue, was the worst mass murder of Jewish people in U.S. history. Refugee and immigrant resettlement by the Jewish organization HIAS was a target of this extremist violence. One of the nine largest refugee resettlement agencies in the country, HIAS helps people fleeing persecution to rebuild their lives in safety, and sponsors the National Refugee Shabbat, in which Tree of Life participated last week. Lost in the news cycle was a shooting targeting African Americans in Louisville, KY, as well as the final interment of Matthew Shepard’s remains. Washington State is not immune to this violence.

Our strength as a statewide coalition is our unity rooted in shared values of love and justice. Living a life free from violence is a basic right for everyone. All people deserve the fundamental freedoms of life, liberty, safety, and respect. When these rights are violated, we all have a duty to help.

Here are 3 things you can do right now:

  1. Send notes of support to our sister DV programs, such as Project DVORA and Northwest Immigrant Rights Project, that work in communities targeted by hate violence.
  2. Make your voice heard on the Administration’s proposed change to the Public Charge rule, which would put immigrant survivors at risk if they might – now or anytime in the future – use public programs to escape abuse and meet basic needs like food. Ensure you are signed up for WSCADV Public Policy Action Alerts and stay tuned for template comments on the Public Charge rule that you can personalize and submit.
  3. Take action as an ally to immigrant families, and educate yourself on how racial stereotypes endanger DV survivors and their children.

#WeChooseAllofUs. Stay in touch. We are with you.