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Stalking And Domestic Violence

The Stalking Resource Center compiles national research on the prevalence of stalking, the impact of stalking on victims, and state, tribal, and federal laws on stalking.

Stalking statistics:

  • 6.6 million people in this country are stalked annually
  • 66% of female and 41% of male victims of stalking are stalked by a current or former intimate partner
  • 76% of women killed by an intimate partner were stalked by that person before the murder
  • 54% of women killed by an intimate partner reported stalking to the police before they were killed

Download the complete Stalking Fact Sheet  to learn more.


Recommendations from the Domestic Violence Fatality Review:

The Washington State Domestic Violence Fatality Review found that stalking by a domestic violence abuser represents an increased risk of homicide. Recommendations include:

  • Domestic violence programs should include stalking information in outreach materials.
  • Domestic violence programs, law enforcement agencies, and prosecutors should collaborate and cross-train one another on issues related to domestic violence stalking, including how to assist victims in documenting the stalking, the use of technology to stalk, and safety planning.
  • Agencies that collect identifying information should routinely inform people how personal information about them is stored, who can access it, and their right to opt out of having this information collected.