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Our Votes are Valuable: The 2020 Election

miniature canvas with the word "VOTE' painted on it

We believe in beloved community, where all people live and love without fear. One way we work toward this vision is advocating for legislation that impacts survivors of abuse in the Washington State Legislature and Congress. In this moment, we are feeling the impacts of a pandemic, climate change, lack of affordable housing, and a racial reckoning. Survivors deserve elected officials, locally and nationally, who are also working toward a future without violence.  

Survivors deserve choices, freedom, and to be heard. We believe everyone is valuable, and so is your vote. We do not have to accept things as they are. We have a say in who represents us because their decisions have real implications for our lives. Voting is your way of telling an elected official that they are doing a great job or that they aren’t representing your views and you want a change.   

Like movements that gave us labor, reproductive, and civil rights, the right to vote is a result of generations of protest and advocacy. Even now, people are continuing to work tirelessly for access to this constitutional right within our democracy. We can honor this legacy by casting our votes. 

For many survivors of domestic violence, privacy is inextricably connected to safety. In Washington State, survivors can enroll in the Address Confidentiality Program (ACP) as one strategy to keep their address and location confidential. Find an ACP Application Assistant here. Please contact your local domestic violence organization to talk to an advocate about other safety planning strategies. 

Washington State Voter Information from the Secretary of State:

Check your Washington voter registration at! In Washington, there is no need to request a ballot. Your ballot packet is mailed to the address where you are registered. Your local elections office mails your ballot no later than October 16. You will also receive a Voters’ Pamphlet between October 3-12. This will have information about what is on your ballot.  

Key Dates 

  • October 16: Start of 18-day voting period. Ballots mailed out and Accessible Voting Units are available at voting centers.  
  • October 26: Last day for online and mailed registrations or updates to be received 
  • October 27: USPS recommends mailing voted ballot back one week before Election Day 
  • November 3: Election Day!