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New Year’s Resilience

For many of us, the beginning of a new year is an opportunity to renew a commitment to health and well-being. This time of year, we are so inundated with promotions for “wellness” products and plans that it can be hard to sort good information from seasonal gimmicks.

The National Center on Domestic Violence, Trauma & Mental Health offers a collection of evidence based resources especially for advocates and survivors, to support practices that promote mental, physical and emotional well-being.

Research on Mind-Body Approaches to Wellness and Healing: This collection summarizes a variety of research evidence on the effectiveness of mindfulness practices, meditation and yoga for healing, particularly for survivors of trauma including sexual and domestic violence.

Resources for Advocates: This collection of resources includes fact sheets on mental health and trauma, practical tools and tips for trauma informed advocacy, and helpful information to share with survivors.

May the year ahead be one of healing, health, and growth.

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