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National Survey: Domestic Violence Survivors’ Experience Of Law Enforcement

The National Domestic Violence Hotline conducted a survey of survivors about their experience with law enforcement. 637 women who experienced partner violence participated in the survey.

According to the survey results:

Both the women who had called the police and the women who hadn’t called the police shared a strong reluctance to turning to law enforcement for help:

  • 1 in 4 reported that they would not call the police in future

  • More than half said calling the police would make things worse

  • Two-thirds or more said they were afraid the police would not believe them or do nothing

These results are consistent with fears that advocates hear from survivors every day. Download the full report to read more, including recommendations and promising practices that address many of the concerns raised in the survey.

Concerns about involving police can also leave friends and family wondering how to help. Also from the Hotline, this article has good advice for anyone to think through how to support a survivor: Someone I Know is Being Abused. Should I Call the Police?

Law Enforcement Infographic