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More Cash for Families!

This legislative session, the working families tax credit legislation finally passed! People with and without children, and people without a social security number, will be able to access between $300 – $1,250 once a year – indefinitely! If at least one person in the household has worked at all in the current tax year, they will be eligible for this tax credit.  Our Washington tax code is not fair and hits people with low incomes (under $24,000 a year) and communities of color the hardest.  Those with the lowest incomes in Washington pay nearly 18% of their income in taxes. We all know that children thrive when we invest in their physical, mental and educational well-being and this tax credit says “our children matter!”

This means that the lowest wage earners will get a bigger payment in tax refunds from Washington state – more money in your pocket. Flexible cash gives survivors of domestic violence the freedom to make choices that can make them and their children more secure and stable. When survivors can stay in their homes, get a driver’s license, take a class, pay back debt or pay for sports or extra-curricular activities, without having to depend on an abusive partner for money, everyone does better.  Find out more here and sign up for updates!