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Message from the Director

We have a choice to make: run from the storm, or into it. We choose to run into it and through it.

Moment of Truth: Statement of Commitment to Black Lives

To our beloved community,

Domestic violence is skyrocketing during the pandemic. Coronavirus, economic and social upheaval, and our nation’s racial reckoning have all come together to create a “perfect storm.” People like YOU make it possible for domestic violence survivors to make it through the storm.

With your help, WSCADV is getting resources to stabilize thousands of survivor households to avoid homelessness. Together, we’re leading national changes for racial justice, and building community economic resilience. You make it possible to develop new solutions to prevent violence.

Our visionary leadership and pragmatic action looks like:

But we can’t do it alone. We need your help today to continue this life-saving help and life-affirming social change. Together, we can make it through the storm.

Headshot of Judy Chen.

With gratitude,

Judy Chen, Executive Director