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Like A Boss

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We have all had good ones and bad ones. Being the boss is HARD. But being a great one doesn’t have to make it harder. It may even make it just a little bit easier. Whether you are the big cheese, a manager, supervisor, or were just put in charge of the new intern (!!!), there are things you can do to foster excellent relationships with those you supervise and help create an environment where everyone (including the boss) feels valued, supported and motivated to do their best work. An article in Forbes asks “Do you have the 12 signs of a great boss?” Here’s their list:

12 Signs of a Great Boss

1. You get genuine pleasure from helping others do their best work; you measure your own success by theirs.

2. You don’t treat everyone the same. You know your people well enough to manage them as individuals.

3. You understand that your title gives you power, but intelligence and integrity give you influence, which is invaluable.

4. Your feedback is specific, sincere and constructive. People know where they stand with you.

5. More than a few people on your team have saved notes of praise you’ve sent them. Your words carry that much impact.

6. Your constructive response to mistakes and problems leads people to feel they can safely bring you bad news, when necessary.

7. You communicate your plans and goals clearly, and people understand their roles and responsibilities as members of your team.

8. You hire people smarter than you are and aren’t intimidated by their knowledge. You can look out your office door and see your replacement.

9. Your staff members feel ownership of ideas and initiatives, even those you originate, because you share power and control.

10. You know the occasions when only a top-down decision will do: times of crisis, high risk or high conflict. And your staff appreciates it.

11. You’re a continuous learner, always looking to improve your skills and knowledge.

12. Your employees know what you stand for and are proud to stand with you.

My favorites are numbers 4,6,7, & 9. What do you think about this list? What awesome things are you doing that didn’t make it on the list? Discuss!