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Important Info on P-EBT Cards for Survivors of Abuse

On March 8, 2021 another round of pandemic debit cards (often referred to as P-EBT Cards) were sent to families who have children in free and reduced lunch programs. It has come to our attention that some survivors never received their new cards because they were sent to an old address or to the home of an abusive ex-partner.

If you are a survivor with kids in the free and reduced lunch program and you think this happened to you, please call the P-EBT Contact Center at 833-518-0282. Their staff can tell you how to cancel the card that was issued so remaining funds cannot be used. They will then ask for your current information so that a new card can be issued to the correct address. This resource is specifically for survivors of domestic violence only.

Text "Survivors! Did you get your P-EBT card? If your child qualifies for free & reduced lunch, you get a P-EBT card. It might have gone to an old address on file with your child's school. Survivors of DV can call 833-518-0282 to get get their P-EBT card reissued if they didn't receive one." on background with oranges and pomegranates.