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Impact of the Refuse To Abuse®5k

“Running Saved My Life”

Annual Refuse To Abuse® 5k helped domestic violence survivor heal a lifetime of trauma.

This article originally appeared in the Mariners Magazine. Reprinted by permission of the Seattle Mariners. Mariners Magazine is available at the ballpark or by subscription. More details here

Excerpt: Amy had finally started to get her bearings. After finding the strength to leave an abusive husband, spending three years in therapy and helping her children heal, she took her counselor’s advice and decided to do something just for herself. …

Amy heard about a unique event that seemed to be made just for her – the Goodwill Refuse To Abuse® 5k at Safeco Field, an annual run by the Washington State Coalition Against Domestic Violence, an outgrowth of the two-decade partnership between the Mariners and the Coalition. Since 2012, the event has raised over $600,000 for statewide violence prevention programs.

“I almost didn’t get through it. I was sobbing. But I felt like, ‘You (her ex-husband) can’t win.’ And I got to the finish line and it was amazing,” said Amy.

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