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COVID-19 Immigrant Relief Fund Open for Applications

Header text: "Washington Covid-19 Immigrant Relief Fund." Photo of a woman wearing cloth face mask sitting. Additional text;" Covid-19 emergency relief by and for immigrants. Apply by May 15 to get $1000. Call 1-844-724-3737."

If you’re an immigrant experiencing financial challenges because of COVID-19 and you can’t get federal financial relief or unemployment insurance, you can now get help – a $1,000 direct payment – from the Washington Immigrant Relief Fund. You can apply online in Spanish, English, Chinese, Vietnamese, or Korean, or by calling 1-844-724-3737 (open every day, 6AM-9PM).

We know how critical access to money is for survivors of abuse and are so grateful to the many advocates and advocacy organizations, including OneAmerica,  Northwest Immigrant Rights Project, and Washington Immigrant Solidarity Network, who worked to make this critical fund a reality.

Apply by May 15, 2021.