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Building the Evidence Base for Domestic Violence Services & Interventions

A new report from the Center for Policy Research and the National Resource Center on Domestic Violence looks at opportunities for building the evidence base for domestic violence services and interventions.

Building Evidence for Domestic Violence Services & Interventions: A Framing Paper

This paper 1) provides a summary and critique of the current state of rigorous evidence on core domestic violence victim services; 2) identifies some key challenges to developing an evidence base for core services; 3) identifies strategies that could assist in building the evidence base; and 4) outlines areas of opportunity for strengthening future research and evaluation.

Building the Evidence For Domestic Violence Services & Interventions: Challenges, Areas of Opportunity, and Research Priorities

This report summarizes the findings from the Building Evidence for Domestic Violence Services & Interventions study, including the results of a systematic literature review, interviews with subject matter experts, and the discussions over the course of a two day roundtable convening of experts including service providers, researchers and funders. The report 1) briefly describes the current state of the evidence for domestic violence services and interventions, and 2) highlights innovative and concrete areas of opportunity for building this evidence base.