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Letter from the Executive Director

Group of ten people comprising the 2022 Board of Directors

To our beloved community, 

In the midst of tremendous global upheaval over the past three years, domestic violence programs across Washington remained a steadfast support for survivor households. WSCADV’s membership of over 70 member programs adapted to meet emerging needs and overcome uncertainty. You, our membership and generous supporters, have been an essential part of the web holding together a safety net for survivors and their children.  

As part of our recent “ReStoryation” project—a national project aimed at understanding the immeasurable stress, fatigue, and needs of the domestic violence workforce through storytelling—we asked the questions, “What happened in the past three years? What did you learn? How can we carry that learning forward?” In this impact report, we’ll share the story of WSCADV’s work over the past three years. 

You’ll learn about WSCADV’s tireless advocacy – and success! – to secure adequate funding to keep the doors open at domestic violence programs across the state, amidst unprecedented need and funding shortfalls. You’ll hear about WSCADV’s national leadership and ground-breaking evidence on housing stability and survivor safety. And you’ll find examples of our policy wins and new solutions to prevent violence. 

WSCADV strengthens and supports our 70+ member programs, who in turn help survivors and families. WSCADV educates and engages the public, because domestic violence is 100% preventable. WSCADV leads with a vision for healing and resilience, where violence doesn’t happen in the first place. 

Over the past three years, WSCADV has stood with you to increase economic options for working families, to respond to attacks on reproductive healthcare access, and build new visions for racial justice and liberty from violence. Thank you for being part of community with us, for a world where all people can live and love freely without fear.  

Yours In Coalition, 

signature of Judy Chen

Judy Chen, Executive Director