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9 WSCADV board members smile and stand behind 2 tables. There is a baseball mitt and microphone on one, flowers on the other.

Letter from the Executive Director

“We have a choice to make: run from the storm, or into it. We choose to run into it and through it.”Moment of Truth: Statement of Commitment to Black Lives

To our beloved community,

What a year it was! Throughout 2020 we saw domestic violence skyrocket as a result of the pandemic. Coronavirus, economic and social upheaval, and our nation’s racial reckoning all came together to create a “perfect storm.” Together with our membership and generous supporters like YOU, we made it possible for domestic violence survivors to make it through the storm.

In this year’s impact report, you’ll learn about our work getting resources to stabilize thousands of survivor households to avoid homelessnessWe’ll share how we’re leading national changes for racial justice, and building community economic resilience. And you’ll find examples of our policy wins and new solutions we’ve developed to prevent violence.

We have a three-fold purpose: First, to strengthen and support our member programs who in turn help survivors and families, day and night. Second, to engage communities and educate the public to take action, because domestic violence is 100% preventable. And finally, to lead with vision for healing and resilience, where violence doesn’t happen in the first place.

Housing stability. Economic security. Concrete support, community connection, and new options for survivor households. This combination of practical help and visionary leadership is a recipe for hope.

One of the lessons from this very tough year is that we’re all connected. We need each other. Together, we rise.

signature of Judy Chen

Judy Chen, Executive Director